We look forward to helping you explore the world of truffles and mushrooms in the heart of Spain.

Join us to hunt, dine and explore the ecology, culture and livelihoods surrounding the culinary “black diamond” and the abundant forest fungi that grace our woodlands. 

Black truffles thrive below ground in symbiosis with living trees. Our truffle and mushroom tours are designed to take you on a delightful journey into the world of symbiosis. The journey serves to awaken insights, passions, new visions of Nature and evolution and, possibly, one's place and path in our world.

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The Pilgrimage

Our signature Black Truffle tour. Discover the medieval villages & limestone canyons as we explore the gastronomy, ecology, & history of the truffle region in the heart of Spain.

A Truffle Escapade

Wake-up on a winter morning in a remote Spanish mountain village, prepared for a lively truffle hunt followed by an exquisite truffle feast. Enjoy a long weekend get-away!

Mushroom Hunting

Known for its outstanding forested mountains, Burgos hosts mushroom hunters from all over Spain. Experience its excellent gastronomy and spectacular autumn beauty. 

Truffles, such humble mushrooms that grow below ground, are sought-after like diamonds! What gives truffles their mystique and their value?

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You are cordially invited…

to come to Spain this winter when the Black Truffles are ripe. Bring your sense of curiosity and be ready to throw yourself into the truffle hunt and dine with the charming people you meet as we savor our way through the adventure.

Our Autumn Mushroom Trip is now completely booked. However, you can learn more about it and plan to join us on our next tour!