"Outstanding personal attention, generosity, and knowledge!"

Spain vacation tours
Ana Bravo_greatguide

"One of the best holidays! The breadth and depth of experiences and information were stimulating and so worthwhile. Coming from a country with a very short history of European settlement, we found the age and beauty of the buildings and the history of habitation and occupation of the area fascinating. We admired Jose’s passion for his country, Soria, and his willingness to work towards the restoration of the villages, forests, pastures and at the same time create employment opportunities for young people. What fun it was to be with him. 

We especially valued your expertise, Christine, in truffle culture and have brought home new ideas to apply to our own truffle patch. And your unflappable and smiling manner gave no hint of the complexities of the organization, research, adjustments and improvisations that we know must underlie everything and result in the smooth running of such a tour. We enjoyed every minute of it – even the horizontal snow over which you had no control.” 

Thomas and Elizabeth Gerner
Walpole WA, Australia

Truffling in Spain

"Christine and José make a great team, best guides ever with stories and insights into the truffle scene and the regional culture. They were incredibly warm and made the trip easy and a pure joy. Meeting the local people was a big highlight; And the food was by far the best on any trip we have taken."

Nancy & Randy Molina
Portland OR, USA

Sandi and Jose Calatanazor

"In a year during which I also traveled to Cuba and Argentina, Sitka Services' Truffle Tour was a standout. The guides were knowledgeable and fun, the scenery spectacular, and the food exceeded my expectations. As an office-bound professional, the daily hikes and other outdoor adventures were a bonus. I want to go again!"

Sandi Clark
Bloomington IN, USA

Truffle hunting tours in Spain

"Thank you so much for taking us on your truffle winter pilgrimage to Spain. I did anticipate that it would be fantastic but it was way beyond my expectations. Not only was I surprised and delighted by the winter beauty of Soria and surrounds, but you and your fellow guides Jose and Ana brought the history of the region alive. The truffle hunting in plantations and the wild was incredibly interesting, and really accentuated by the range of dishes the chefs subsequently prepared. I hope to join you again sometime."

Anne Mitchell
Manjimup, WA Australia

Hunt truffles in Spain

"Although I was a complete novice to truffles, this was the best trip of my life. The food was amazing. What I loved most was traveling in a small group and truly getting to know the local people. Sleeping in the old palace looking out at the castle in Berlanga de Duero was an unforgettable experience."

Lucia Robinson
Seattle WA, USA